HGV driver training for women

At RSM Commercial Driver Training we are seeing a steady increase in women training to drive with us. For both professional and personal reasons, more and more women are getting behind the wheel of larger vehicles such as a HGV or a PCV, or learning to tow a trailer. In some cases it is as simple as wanting to be able to transport their horses in a small lorry or a horsebox, or to tow a trailer of some sort. More frequently we are now seeing women training to drive with us because they wish to pursue a career as a commercial driver.

Sarah from Canvey Island in Essex is a fine example of one of our female trainee drivers. Having worked as a qualified hairdresser for a number of years, Sarah decided upon a change of career. Having come from a family of truckers, she had often felt a calling towards a career behind the wheel.

Starting Out In A Driving Career

Sarah came to us to get her licence to driver a truck, lorry, or as we call it a HGV – Heavy Goods Vehicle. First of all Sarah did her HGV Category C driver training and having passed the driving test she then did a drivers Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) with us.

Since obtaining her HGV Category C licence Sarah has worked as a Tipper driver for the JKS Group,  a construction engineering company based in Rochford, Essex. Having established herself as part of the team at the JKS Group, Sarah can easily be spotted on the roads of Essex thanks to the tipper truck that she drives being wrapped in bright pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

After Sarah lost her grandmother to breast cancer a decision was taken by the company to support her in raising funds for breast cancer. Managing Director, Jeremy Suttling (who suggested the colour scheme) said “Our new pink tipper joins our fleet of 50 vehicles and demonstrates our commitment, not just to providing the best service to our customers, but also to acknowledge our corporate social responsibility which was one of the key reasons behind our decision to create it. We thought that a tipper was such a great advertisement, bearing in mind the number of miles it covers each year on the local road network and for such a worthwhile cause. Additionally, we gave support to a member of staff who had lost someone very special to her.” 

The pink Scania tipper truck can be seen out on the roads of Essex making heads turn. Named ‘Nanny G’, the truck will appear at community events throughout Essex this summer and beyond to  encourage visitors to contribute to Sarah’s fundraising for Against Breast Cancer.

On looking back at making the decision to change career Sarah said; “I was unsure if (because of being a women) I would be accepted in what has mainly (until recently) been seen as a predominantly male industry. It has worked out well –  I am glad I made the change. I really enjoy being behind the wheel. The JKS Group is a great company to work for, they have recently decided to wrap a vehicle in pink to raise awareness and support to a charity close to most peoples hearts – Breast Cancer Awareness, and I am the one privileged to drive it to our jobs throughout Essex.”

It’s been a good move for Sarah and she has already told us that she plans to come back for more training in the future – ” I will be aiming to do my Class 1 Artic in the future, but for now I’m happy driving my pink lorry and raising awareness for Breast Cancer”.

Good luck with the driving career Sarah, and to yourself and JKS in raising awareness for such a worthy cause!

You can donate to Against Breast Cancer through the fundraising page here


Are you thinking about a change of career? – How about a career that is going places?

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As a commercial driving school we actively encourage and train women to drive commercial vehicles including LGV’s, HGV’s, PCV’s (Passenger Carrying Vehicles) such as coaches buses and mini-buses, as well as towing trailers and horseboxes.

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