Trailer Towing Training in Essex

T.H Tree Services In Essex – Passing The B+E Trailer Test

RSM Commercial Driver Training instructor Treena Smith trained Terry Holland of TH Tree Services to drive a trailer a couple of years ago. It has made a great difference to their business in a competitive marketplace. Being able to tow a trailer has meant that they can work more efficiently and more effectively. Towing a trailer has meant they can carry a heavier load – so it is easier to clear and dispose of the felled trees with their vehicles. It has also meant that they are safe to tow a wood chipper on a trailer, which helps to breakdown and dispose of the trees.

Customer Review: B+E trailer training in Essex


As a small tree service provider efficiency is key, which is why this test is vital to providing an efficient service. Our team are all under 33 years old which means we are all post 1997 drivers, this means unlike those lucky pre 1997 drivers we now need another test, which is the b+e entitlement.

Having recently gained this entitlement means we can increase our towing ability from 4.25 tons GTW to at least 7 tons GTW. Basically less time running to a tip site and more time on the job site.

This will allow a much more efficient service that can help us provide very competitive prices. We now have two vehicles that can tow up to 3.5 tons. So when our customers have lots of wood that needs removing we can do it far more cost effectively for us and our customer.

Our aim has always been to provide the best quality service at the best price. This does not mean we are always the cheapest, however it does mean we are one of the best. We make sure we cover all of our legal obligations as an Essex tree company, so our customers are never at risk from under qualified, uninsured or inexperienced tree surgeons.

We recommend RSM Driver Training, should you require passing the B+E trailer test in Essex.

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