Headlamp MOT Inspection


In April 2015, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) introduced a new headlamp aim test for heavy vehicles. The test was changed following research and a report on the effect on road safety produced by the Transport Safety Research Centre (TSRC) at Loughborough University.

TSRC are a world-leading research facility in road and vehicle safety and the analysis of the behaviour of road users. The research is based on real-life accidents and driver behaviour with statistical analysis of accident, health and mobility data. It provides valuable information and evidence which is used by governments to develop road safety policies.

Headlamp aim is consistently top of the MOT compliance survey as the most likely item to be assessed incorrectly by testers and headlamp aim is the most common failure item during an annual MOT test for lorries and buses.

The new headlamp aim test was introduced to provide a more straight-forward,  consistent headlamp standard which aligns the headlamp aim test with the 2010/48/EU and 2014/45/EU directives. The changes will slightly widen the tolerance band for European ‘E’ beams with headlamp centres up to 850mm. They have also also changed the requirement to test the ‘image break’ point for all European ‘E’ beams. More info on the MOT headlamp test here.

A trial started in 2015 has shown that testers found the headlamp assessment much easier to apply and government statistical data shows that there has been a significant decrease in the fail rate since the introduction of the new test.

More information on the headlight aim test can be found here.

Stay safe. Be sure to get you headlights tested regularly.