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HGV Driver training in Essex

HGV/LGV Driver Training For Licence Categories:

  • Category C1 & C1 + E (7.5 tonne /Ambulance Driver Training)
  • Category C (Rigid /Class 2)
  • Category C + E (Articulated /Class 1)

Driving Assessments offered




The HGV/LGV driving licence is generally thought of as the most in-demand and versatile commercial driving license to have because it is the category of vehicle normally chosen by a huge diversity of businesses to distribute localised and nationwide deliveries. The licences to drive these types of vehicle are commonly referred to as the Class 2 HGV and Class 1 HGV. New drivers must qualify first for Class 2 HGV vehicles before they can upgrade their driving licence and take the test for an articulated lorry – Class 1 HGV. This means they will also gain the 7.5 tonne driving licence also.

Our professional training team of HGV/LGV driving instructors are registered with the DSA and have many years of experience and knowledge of the industry. At RSM we provide all classes of HGV/LGV driver training courses on a ONE-to-ONE basis, although we are also able to offer a shared time training scheme if requested.

Ambulance Driver Training CoursesCategory C1 (7.5 tonne) Driver Training

The 7.5 tonne licence is the smallest class of LGV training that a driver can take. Many people are unaware that you are actually able to apply straight for your Category C (Rigid/Class 2) licence without having to sit the practical test for this category first. The process of applying for provisional entitlements and sitting the theory and hazard tests is exactly the same, however if you sit this course and pass the practical test you will only be required to drive a vehicle unto the weight of 7.5 tonne. If you later require your licence to be upgraded you must then sit the course for Category C (Rigid/Class 2).

The majority of people who sit this course are those requiring ‘Ambulance Driver Training’ and have no intention of driving a larger vehicle. Training for this Category is carried out on our Ambulance sized vehicle. Drivers wishing to tow a trailer on a 7.5 tonne vehicle will be required to sit the C1+E course as an addition.

HGV Category C1 and C1E TrainingCategory C (Rigid/Class 2) Driver Training

Drivers who wish to upgrade their licence to Category C (Rigid/Class 2) will need to apply for provisional entitlement, sit and pass the LGV Theory Multiple Choice & Hazard Perception tests prior to sitting their driver training course and practical driving test. Please refer to our step-by-step guide below to find out what you need to do or alternatively contact the office and speak to one of the team.

Training for this category can be carried out on a manual or automatic training vehicle. Please specify your preference when booking your driver training course.
Passing this test will entitle you to drive any rigid vehicle unto 32 tonne.

HGV driver training coursesCategory C+E (Articulated/Class 1) Driver Training

Drivers wishing to take the Category C+E (Artic/Class 1) driver training course must hold a Category C (Rigid/Class 2) licence first. On passing the Category C driving test your licence would have been automatically upgraded to show the provisional ‘C+E’ on it – this means you are not required to apply to the DVSA for it (unless it does not show on your counterpart licence) or sit another LGV Theory or Hazard test.

Driving articulated vehicles demands a high level of skill, particularly concerning forward planning and defensive driving techniques. The artic driver training course schedule is similar to that of the LGV Rigid, with the additional requirement to demonstrate your ability to couple and uncouple your vehicle with a trailer.

Training for this category can be carried out on a manual or automatic training vehicle. Please specify your preference when booking your driver training course.

Passing this test will entitle you to drive any vehicle (except PCV) including those towing a trailer.

Want to have a test drive?

Not sure how many hours you will need before taking the test?…

Book a ‘Driving Assessment’ with the office today on 01268 695909

Please note drivers are required to hold the correct provisional entitlement for the vehicle they wish to have an assessment in.

BACK-TO-BACK Category C & C+E training courses

RSM offer a ‘Combination Course’ which will save you money if you book both your Category C (Rigid/Class 2) and Category C+E (Articulated/Class 1) courses together. You could have both licences in as little as 4 weeks! Please contact the office for more details.

How long does it take to train for the HGV/LGV driving test?

As professional HGV/LGV driving instructors we treat each trainee driver differently; according to their ability, so your HGV training course will be adapted to suit your personal requirements. Typically HGV driver training courses are spread over 5 days with approximately 20 hours of one-to-one driver tuition in one of our well maintained fleet of commercial HGV vehicles. Our driving instructors will teach you to drive a HGV confidently and safely to a high standard of driving, beyond that which is required for the HGV/LGV driving test, in order to give you the best chance of passing your test the first time and being both competent and safe to drive on the road. The HGV/LGV driving test is usually arranged for the fifth day at a local driving test centre.

The HGV/LGV Driving Test:

Essentially the HGV/LGV driving test will require you to demonstrate:

  • Expert handling of the controls
  • The ability to drive safely to a high standard
  • The ability to complete the set exercises effectively whilst keeping the vehicle under control
  • Thorough knowledge of the Highway Code and vehicle safety
  • ‘Reverse Manoeuvre Exercise’
  • Demonstrating the ability to couple/uncouple a trailer (+E courses only)

Getting Started

How do I obtain a HGV/LGV Driving Licence?

1. Contact us to obtain your FREE HGV Driver Training Vocational Pack

At RSM Driver Training we will provide you with a free HGV/LGV Driver Training Vocational Pack containing all the relevant forms and information that are needed to apply for your provisional driving licence and take the first steps in starting your commercial driving career.

Call us: 01268 724 979 /01268 695 909
Use the Contact Us page to submit your details.

2. Book Your Medical & Apply For Your Provisional

Book your driver medical appointment and take the ‘D4 medical form’ with you for the doctor to fill out. On completion of your medical, you must fill out the ‘D2 Application Form’ and send both forms, along with both parts of your driving licence in the envelope provided to the DVSA. It can take unto 3 weeks for the DVSA to return your licence. In the meantime, we recommend that you start studying for your Theory and Hazard tests. RSM have a FREE online revision pack ‘Theory Test Pro’ to help.

3. Book & Pass Your LGV Theory & Hazard Tests

On receipt of your provisional licence back you will be ready to book your LGV Theory Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception tests. If you have arranged for us to book these on your behalf, please contact the office. Alternatively you can book yourself online via the Gov.uk website here. You will need to have passed both of these tests prior to taking your practical driving test.

4. Book Your Driving Course

Once you have passed the theory test we will be pleased to confirm a booking for you on our HGV/LGV driver training course. Simply give us a call or submit your details through the Apply Now page and we will liaise with you to arrange a convenient start date for your driver training.

For more information, or to arrange your training contact us today!

Call us on: 01268 695 909

Email: enquiries@rsmdrivertraining.com

Alternatively, use the Contact Us page to submit your details and obtain a free vocational pack containing the relevant forms and information to apply for your provisional licence and start your commercial driving career. You can also use the Apply Now page to request a booking for your driver training.

Get the theory…

If you are preparing for a driver training course it is worth considering the theory as well the practical skills required to obtain a new licence. Why not try a free theory test with Theory Test Pro by clicking the link below?

Theory Test Pro in partnership with RSM Driver Training