East Anglia Ambulance Driver training

Starting Out As An Ambulance Driver At The East Of England Ambulance Service

One of the driver training courses on offer at RSM is the Ambulance Driver Training Course which provides candidates with the training and skills required to drive an ambulance for the NHS. It is of course a vital part of the health service’s care and we are proud to be a training provider for the NHS.

EEAS Ambulance Driver Training

We recently caught-up with one of our newly trained and qualified ambulance drivers, Jeremy Jennings, who now drives an ambulance for the East Of England Ambulance Service. Jeremy was our first trainee driver from the EEAS and he passed the driving test the first time.

Naturally we were keen to see how he was getting on working as an ambulance driver and what his thoughts were a few months after training. Jeremy (pictured above when he passed his test) completed his ambulance driver training with us and passed his Category C1 licence with flying colours at the end of 2016. After passing the C1 licence driving test he sent us this message:

Thank you to all staff at RSM commercial driver training, in particular my instructor for the week Geoff. It has been a great experience doing this driving course. I also felt it helped with bad habits that I have gathered over the years! Everyone has been friendly yet professional and extremely helpful, the brand new training vehicle is lovely to drive and will benefit ambulance staff members for many courses to come.

We contacted Jeremy to see how he was getting on and what his work entailed as an ambulance driver, he told us “My job at EEAS is in patient transport, meaning we take patients to and from hospital appointments, we also transfer patients to other hospitals and discharged patients home after their stay in hospital.”

When asked what it means to have the C1 licence Jeremy said “Having a category C1 licence means I am able to drive the new fleet of vehicles which will replace our existing fleet, it also opens doors if crews want to progress on to front line vehicles.”

It was evident that Jeremy is enjoying his work as an ambulance driver and we wish him the very best of luck in both his driving and his career.

Are you interested in becoming an ambulance driver?

RSM are the chosen driver training provider for the East Of England Ambulance Service. We offer intensive 1-to-1 ambulance driver training courses in a modern equivalent of today’s ambulances with training courses designed to provide high quality personalised training, so that our candidates are confident and capable drivers.

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