Career driving HGV's

Have you thought about a change of career?

Many people find themselves at a junction in life (excuse the pun), where they want to make a change. It could be you have finished college and are looking for your first serious job, it might be that you’ve become unemployed recently, or it could be simply because you’ve been working for years and feel the need for a change.

Whatever your situation, there are always options and for many people the prospect of driving a truck, a lorry or a HGV is something that they may never have considered before.

HGV Driving Jobs

HGV driving jobs vary as much as other vocations and it depends on your personal circumstances as to what driving jobs may be best suited to your lifestyle and accessible to you. Like all things, there are good jobs and bad jobs, and for those in the right place at the right time, there are good jobs that are well paid! In the haulage and logistics industry there is currently a shortage of drivers, so not only are there a number of jobs out there, but those that ‘tick the right boxes’ can have a choice of opportunities to earn a good living from driving.

Here’s One We Trained Earlier…

Russ Abbott (pictured above with his truck) is an example of someone who had decided on a change in direction. He had reached the afore mentioned junction! Having spoken to a few friends for advice, Russ was recommended to train for his HGV licence with RSM about 2 years ago, with the intention of starting a new career driving lorries. He signed-up for one of our HGV driver training courses and went on the pass his HGV 1 and 2 tests first time! He was then taken-on as a HGV driver by a friend with a company in Tilbury. Apart from evidently having a great group of friends, Russ’s fortunes were changed by learning to drive a HGV with RSM.

We asked Russ to tell us his story two years on. This is what he had to say:

I was looking for a change in direction at work and after speaking to a friend decided that HGV driving would be the direction to take. I was recommended to go to RSM by a friend and I found the staff professional and helpful. I was lucky enough to pass my HGV 2 then 1 first time, then through another friend was taken on by a small company in Tilbury, I’ve been with the same company for nearly two years now and love it. It’s a steep learning curve when you start, but well worth it, I now drive a Volvo FH16 which I’ve been driving since new and deliver containers to as far as Bristol to Birmingham. So, if you want a job that has security, well paid and you are left on your own , contact RSM and pass your test !”

Thanks for your comments Russ – We are chuffed to to hear you are happy and enjoying the job!

So, have you reached that junction? – Are you in a dead-end job! Are you ready to take to the road?  – Enough of the bad puns!!

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